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Mature content
The Shit I Go Through pt. 2 :iconheyyobighed:HeyYoBighed 0 0
The Shit I Go Through
I woke up wondering what had happened to me the night before all I remember is a light and seeing some weird things. I clambered off of my bed feeling ass though there was extra weight strapped to my back, and as I glanced to see the origins of the unwanted weight I nearly screamed at the sight of two wings protruding from my back. I tried to remember how they had got there then all of it hit me and a horrible realization of the situation I was in and the danger I have put those around me. I concealed both wings around my body, but not after examining the wings and noticing that both of the wings were very different from each other as one looked like a white bird wing and the other was the wing of a bat. Knowing I was probably being watched I asked my father to take me to school to avoid my friends being targeted by my unwanted acquaintances trailing behind me on my way to school. As I arrived at school I tried to quickly make it to my first class without socializing, but I was certain
:iconheyyobighed:HeyYoBighed 0 0
Mercy pt 2
Mercy pt 2
How hard could it be to quickly snap it's nearly non existent neck or pierce the dying heart, but my hands trembled not knowing why I couldn't bring myself to take such a worthless little life. How I cannot kill it and simply bring it to peace boggles my own mind, I have killed others without so much as flinching but he is preventing me. I can't look at his small seemingly soulless eyes and realized all it wanted was too die and be rid of its pain and I am well aware of the fact that for a mysterious reason I cannot bring myself to kill it. My heart is cold and dry as it always has been but when I need once to bring death for a definite reason my heart chooses to fill itself with an unwanted warmth. I felt the small being begin to breath rather slowly signaling its coming passing and I had decided if it survives the walk to my barrack I would bring it to health. I walked at a steady pace to truly test if this life was worthy to save, even if I could not judge the worthiness
:iconheyyobighed:HeyYoBighed 1 0
Mercy (Part I)
The battle was finally over, no blood of any soldier was to be spilled anymore. I lead the last two members of my squad home away from the place which they have witnessed their first deaths. I had taken the lives of so many that nothing short of the near death of my own life would effect me in any way. I mean I am, scratch that, WAS the commander of one of the most elite squadrons in the world, and now death meant nothing but a drop of blood on my uniform. They asked how I could be so cold and unsympathetic to the deaths of those around me and all I had as a response for them was, "What deaths? These were casualties, they determined the outcome of these battles which we tried so desperately to avoid. Without them no one could be declared winner". I said this with no emotion or remorse as I always did and always would. After all was said and done with, I valued my life over all else, and at the end of all of this, if I lived or died, was a matter of my own capability. I walked my last t
:iconheyyobighed:HeyYoBighed 1 6


RWBY : The little assassin by dishwasher1910 RWBY : The little assassin :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 1,798 107
The Teicna Files 02 - A New Breed
Dalensh was the first of the gods to tackle the dreaded challenge of creating intelligent life once more. Ever the artist, the god of the seas secluded himself in a small cove and set to work molding raw matter like clay, steadily creating a form pleasing to his divine eyes. For weeks, designs were started, scrapped, recreated, redesigned, and scrapped again. Perfection was an impossible goal, Dalensh realized this perfectly well, but he was determined to be truly proud of his first sapient species. At last, he placed a finalized design into the water and granted it life. A smile crossed his face as the proto-merman made its first few laps in the isolated pool, investigating its surroundings and contemplating its existence.
Using it as a template, the sea god created a small population of the creatures and let them loose into the open ocean. The other three gods had been left in the dark as to Dalensh's new venture, but they caught on quickly enough as the new beings steadily began to
:iconuberphish:Uberphish 1 0
When Obsessions Become Complusions
Mystic powers create a surge
That further induces the urge
To prevent any kind of purge
Against me as a thaumaturge
Dark magic propels my acts
No longer a statue of wax
I may seal up all the cracks
And pick up the rusty ax
Latin incantations fill my ears
Breaking spells that lasted years
For once again I may shed tears
Now that I can face my fears
Full in power yet weak in will
All desires force me to kill
With a deep horrifying thrill
That leaves me feeling ill
One day I may defeat this curse
Before it grows to something worse
An instinct I need to disperse
Finalizing with a single verse
:iconviolet-petunia:Violet-Petunia 8 393
James bond style by Kleaptf2 James bond style :iconkleaptf2:Kleaptf2 1 0 SAkkarov by KaaLSunor SAkkarov :iconkaalsunor:KaaLSunor 1 0 JUST DOGE IT by BubblezwithaZ JUST DOGE IT :iconbubblezwithaz:BubblezwithaZ 18 26 Kain drawing by Chancey289 Kain drawing :iconchancey289:Chancey289 2 0 Neo Warden Zaki Gift pic 1/2 by toamac Neo Warden Zaki Gift pic 1/2 :icontoamac:toamac 7 3 Not My Day by AngelSight Not My Day :iconangelsight:AngelSight 6 3
Just to see you smile (Kid x Lannah)
Lannah's POV  
"Het Captain here is a piece of scrap metal I found floating in the water next to the ship for..." I said getting cut off by Kid yelling and saying he had enough metal.
I had dropped the scrap and ran off cause I didn't want to be around that 'oh I'm a tough guy' of a captain of mine. As I sat in my room I heard my captain's voice entering my room so I blocked him out.
"Lannah, look I'm sorry for shouting at you I was in a foul mood and didn't even know that you were willing to help me." Kid said walking over to me and hugging me.
"Captain please let me be alone." I pleaded.
"Can you tell me why?" He asked.
"Its personal." I said.
"You can tell me." Kid said resting his chin on my head.  
"Ok well it  all happened when I was ten and my dad told me to go and disappear from his life. He had killed my mom when I was 3 and so I've never been the same since.
:icontaerra20:taerra20 1 0
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 3 by daddius Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 3 :icondaddius:daddius 18 9 Suu And Papi by ArtArtzy Suu And Papi :iconartartzy:ArtArtzy 93 6 up, down, stomp your feet and spin 'round by gutsrot up, down, stomp your feet and spin 'round :icongutsrot:gutsrot 20 8 Spider 8itch by Kodyki05 Spider 8itch :iconkodyki05:Kodyki05 2 0 LS Feferi by AfterEverAfter LS Feferi :iconaftereverafter:AfterEverAfter 52 6 Get Off My Belly by Frankyding90 Get Off My Belly :iconfrankyding90:Frankyding90 168 44


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